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Income impacts who does more housework
FES data about the amount of time spent on housework shows that mothers who make more money than fathers will take on more chores.
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Dementia
Older adults who experienced trauma as a child have increased risk for developing dementia, especially those who are 65-74 years old.
What happens to parents’ savings after the kids move out?
A new study shows that instead of increasing savings, empty nesters are cutting back on spending and number of hours worked.

April 26, 2023
  ▹ Poverty one of the nation’s leading killers, study finds. www.medicaleconomics.com
April 23, 2023
  ▹ Poverty Is the Fourth Leading Cause of Death in the United States, Study Finds.www.managedhealthcareexecutive.com
April 20, 2023
  ▹ Poverty is associated with more fatalities than guns or homicides, study finds. www.marketwatch.com
  ▹ Study Calls Poverty a ‘Major Risk Factor for Death in the U.S.’ www.webmd
April 18, 2023
  ▹ Study calls poverty a ‘major risk factor for death in the US’ www.technicalripon.com
April 17, 2023
  ▹ Poverty Linked to 42% Increased Mortality Risk in US. www.hcplive.com
March 28, 2023
  ▹ Black homeowners build less wealth than white counterparts. www.morningstar.com
March 17, 2023
  ▹ Report: Taxing the rich won’t make them leave Connecticut. www.wshu.org
March 8, 2023
  ▹ How did COVID-19 affect household finances? www.morningstar.com
February 28, 2023
  ▹ Q&A: An increasing number of families are facing food insecurity. www.healio.com
February 23, 2023
  ▹ Class Notes: The cost of the biological clock, standardized tests, and more. www.brookings.edu
February 17, 2023
  ▹ Changes in food insecurity for families with children. www.contemporarypediatrics.com
January 17, 2023
  ▹ Are Entrepreneurs the Real Race Revolutionaries? www.newsweek.com
December 19, 2022
  ▹ An Update on Wealth Mobility. www.clevelandfed.org
December 5, 2022
  ▹ Why married mothers end up doing more housework when they start out-earning their husbands. uk.news.yahoo.com
November 25, 2022
  ▹ Four Myths Everyone Believes About Giving to Charity. relevantmagazine.com
November 23, 2022
  ▹ Exposure to Childhood Poverty and Racial Differences in Economic Opportunity in Young Adulthood. https://www.povertycenter.columbia.edu
November 22, 2022
  ▹ Hunger challenge has Sen. Peters stuffing holiday food baskets. www.freep.com
October 28, 2022
  ▹ The Great American Power-Shift. www.laprogressive.com
October 27, 2022
  ▹ Income Volitility as a Barrier to Food Stamp Takeup. www.stlouisfed.org
October 20, 2022
  ▹ American men are losing interest in fatherhood. www.fastcompany.com
October 18, 2022
  ▹ Household Collaboration On Giving Declining. www.thenonprofittimes.com
October 16, 2022
  ▹ New study identifies an increasing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men in the United States. www.psypost.org
October 14, 2022
  ▹ The Insane Amount Of Money That People In Unions Allegedly Make Compared To Non-Union Workers. www.tellmebest.com
October 13, 2022
  ▹ Are Adult Children Close With Their Stepparents? www.goodmenproject.com
  ▹ Men in unions may make $1.3 million more in lifetime than men not in one, study says. www.npr.org
October 11, 2022
  ▹ Being in a union means you could make $1.3 million more over your lifetime. www.businessinsider.com
October 7, 2022
  ▹ Chronic health conditions, not just cancer and diabetes, are pushing up U.S. medical debt. www.medicaleconomics.com
September 30, 2022
  ▹ You'll Probably Spend at Least This Much in Retirement. www.yahoo.com
September 26, 2022
  ▹ Report: Chronic conditions lead to medical debt at all income levels. www.medcitynews.com
September 23, 2022
  ▹ Asthma, Anxiety, and More Linked to Medical Debt. www.futurity.org
September 22, 2022
  ▹ Cancer and diabetes aren't the only conditions driving medical debt. www.eurekalert.org
September 19, 2022
  ▹ The ties that bind: Joint children may strengthn stepfamily ties to older parents. www.news.umich.edu
September 15, 2022
  ▹ Class Notes: Boys and men, home evictions, and more. www.brookings.edu
September 6, 2022
  ▹ Understanding the full picture of child poverty. www.phys.org
August 4, 2022
  ▹ An increasing disinterest in fatherhood among childless men in the United States: A brief report. www.ifp.nyu.edu
July 25, 2022
  ▹ Alcohol use more likely among Black youths at racially segregated schools. www.yahoo.com
July 21, 2022
  ▹ The long-term economic scars of job displacements. www.brookings.edu
  ▹ What happens to charitable giving in a recession? www.economicsobservatory.com
July 19, 2022
  ▹ Job displacement in the United States by race, education, and parental income. www.brookings.edu
  ▹ STUDY: Job displacement affects Blacks, women, and non-degreed individuals most. www.amsterdamnews.com
July 8, 2022
  ▹ New study explores link between job losses and the health of young adults during the great recession. www.phys.org
July 4, 2022
  ▹ 8 Novels About Dealing With Difficult Neighbors. www.electricliterature.com
July 1, 2022
  ▹ Executive summary of the Merck Animal Health Veterinarian Wellbeing Study III and Veterinary Support Staff Study. www.avmajournals.avma.org
June 29, 2022
  ▹ Stuck on the Ladder: Intragenerational wealth mobility in the United States. www.brookings.edu
June 27, 2022
  ▹ Social Security benefits play key role in preventing older Americans from lacking enough quality food. www.theconversation.com
June 21, 2022
  ▹ School racial segregation and long-term cardiovascular health among Black adults in the US: A quasi-experimental study. www.journals.plos.org
June 14, 2022
  ▹ The Impact of Individual Income Tax Changes on Economic Growth. www.taxfoundation.org
June 2, 2022
  ▹ Does growing up in poverty predict poor health in the future? www.studyfinds.org
May 25, 2022
  ▹ Childhood Income Inequality Tied to Health Issues in Adulthood. www.legalreader.com
  ▹ Rising income inequality linked to Americans' declining health. www.farmersadvance.com
May 14, 2022
  ▹ Empty-Nesters Aren't Saving for Retirement Like They Promised. That's a Problem. www.barrons.com
May 12, 2022
  ▹ Rise in income inequality linked to poor health outcomes, study finds. www.thehill.com
May 11, 2022
  ▹ Rising income inequality linked to Americans' declining health. www.news.osu.edu
April 22, 2022
  ▹ Segregated Schools Harm Black Children’s Health. www.realhealthmag.com
April 20, 2022
  ▹ Study: Black students in racially segregated schools more likely to have alcohol and behavioral problems. www.sfchronicle.com
April 18, 2022
  ▹ School Segregation Tied to Problem Drinking Among Black Youth. www.usnews.com
  ▹ School ‘Resegregation’ Associated With Behavioral Issues Among Black Children. www.indianapolisdailynews.com
April 5, 2022
  ▹ Mothers who earn more also tend to take on more household duties, study finds. www.consumeraffairs.com
April 4, 2022
  ▹ Do households save more when the kids leave? www.marketwatch.com
March 16, 2022
  ▹ Is inequality killing us? Or is it family breakdown? www.washingtonexaminer.com
  ▹ Is inequality killing us? Or is it family breakdown? www.washingtonexaminer.com
March 7, 2022
  ▹ The Long Arm of Prospective Childhood Income for Mature Adult Health in the United States. www.docwirenews.com
February 22, 2022
  ▹ Economists propose a new way to measure unfair inequality. www.eurekalert.org
February 2, 2022
  ▹ Adverse Childhood Experiences Linked With Dementia Risk in Older Adults. www.physiciansweekly.com
January 26, 2022
  ▹ Younger generations and the lost dream of home ownership. www.ecb.europa.eu
January 20, 2022
  ▹ Who Gives Most to Charity? www.philanthropyroundtable.org
January 18, 2022
  ▹ Who’s at greatest risk to encounter the criminal legal system in the U.S.? www.penntoday.upenn.edu
January 12, 2022
  ▹ The value of disability insurance – Editorials 24. www.editorials24.com
January 4, 2022
  ▹ How Much Less You’ll Spend Throughout Retirement Depends on These 2 Factors. www.reportdoor.com
December 29, 2021
  ▹ Health, Wealth Behind Declining Consumption in Retirement: Study. www.financialadvisoriq.com
December 22, 2021
  ▹ How has Covid-19 affected charitable giving? www.economicsobservatory.com
December 10, 2021
  ▹ Earned Income Tax Credit affects intergenerational marriage and childbirth decisions, says U-M study. www.news.umich.edu
  ▹ The Impact of Race and Location on Savings Rates. www.morningstar.com
December 6, 2021
  ▹ Foreclosures Are Fueling America’s Racial Wealth Gap. www.motherjones.com
December 1, 2021
  ▹ Discrimination Has Pervasive Adverse Links to Mental Health. www.consumer.healthday.com
November 30, 2021
  ▹ New Report Shows American Dream Still Alive, But Often Unattainable for Black Americans. www.einnews.com
November 25, 2021
  ▹ Why are young adults having less casual sex? www.myvetcandy.com
November 22, 2021
  ▹ Do People Save More When Their Kids Fly the Coop? www.fa-mag.com
November 19, 2021
  ▹ How Where You Live Impacts Savings Rates. www.morningstar.com
  ▹ Positive intersectionality: a blessing to clinical diagnosis. www.europeansting.com
November 16, 2021
  ▹ Frequent Discrimination Can Lead to Mental Health Challenges for Young Adults. www.atlantablackstar.com
November 12, 2021
  ▹ Facing Discrimination Increases Risk Of Young Adults Developing Mental Health Issues. www.iflscience.com
November 11, 2021
  ▹ Discrimination Takes Toll on Mental Health of Young Adults: Study. www.news18.com
  ▹ Study connects discrimination to worse mental health, drug use later in life. www.healio.com
  ▹ Young People Who Experience Frequent Discrimination Are More Likely to Have Behavioral and Mental Problems. www.everydayhealth.com
November 9, 2021
  ▹ Frequent discrimination increases risk for mental-health problems in young adults — here’s where they most experience prejudice. www.marketwatch.com
  ▹ New study shows discrimination can lead to mental health issues. www.ourmidland.com
November 8, 2021
  ▹ A study links facing discrimination at a young age with future mental health issues. www.kuow.org
  ▹ A study links facing discrimination at a young age with future mental health issues. www.wkyufm.org
  ▹ Discrimination increases risk for mental health issues in young adults. www.eurekalert.org
  ▹ Discrimination increases risk of mental health issues in young adults: Study. www.hindustantimes.com
  ▹ Interpersonal discrimination associated with poorer mental health, wellbeing, and substance use in young adults. www.2minutemedicine.com
  ▹ Study finds discrimination increases risk for mental health issues in young adults. www.aninews.in
November 7, 2021
  ▹ Discrimination increases risk for mental health issues in young adults, UCLA-led study finds. www.newsroom.ucla.edu
October 19, 2021
  ▹ What's Leading to Low Hispanic Retirement Savings Rates? www.napa-net.org
October 6, 2021
  ▹ Does the Boom Overcome the Bust? Study Finds Oil-County Residents Fare Worse in Long Haul. www.dailyyonder.com
September 28, 2021
  ▹ Parental income impacts children’s health well into adulthood. www.studyfinds.org
September 27, 2021
  ▹ Parental income has long-term consequences for children's health. www.eurekalert.org
  ▹ Parents' socioeconomic status affects children's health long into adulthood. www.news-medical.net
September 20, 2021
  ▹ COVID-19 Cost US 9M Years of Life Expectancy. www.healthleadersmedia.com
  ▹ COVID-19 pandemic shortens aggregate US life expectancy by more than 9 million years. www.healio.com
  ▹ COVID-19 takes nine million years of life from people in the US. www.medicalxpress.com
September 14, 2021
  ▹ Professor's Research on the Gender Effects of COVID-19 Informs Policy at the Federal, State Level. www.news.uark.edu
  ▹ Why Did Official Poverty Rate Rise if COVID Relief Took More Out of Poverty Than Ever? www.newsweek.com
September 10, 2021
  ▹ College students experiencing food insecurity less likely to graduate. www.thehill.com
September 2, 2021
  ▹ College students who experience food insecurity graduate at half the rate of their peers. www.thecounter.org
  ▹ Food insecurity may impact college graduation rates, study finds. www.consumeraffairs.com
September 1, 2021
  ▹ Food insecurity during college years linked to lower graduation rate. www.sciencedaily.com
  ▹ Food-insecure college students less likely to obtain a bachelor's or advanced degree. www.news-medical.net
August 27, 2021
  ▹ How Income and Savings Affect the Racial Wealth Gap. www.morningstar.com
August 24, 2021
  ▹ DB Plans and Social Security Are Wealth Equalizers. www.plansponsor.com
August 23, 2021
  ▹ Study: Unionization cut poverty rates by more than two-thirds. www.peoplesworld.org
August 21, 2021
  ▹ Is entrepreneurship on the decline? www.qrius.com
August 16, 2021
  ▹ Why Declining Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Is Not a Concern. www.knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu
August 3, 2021
  ▹ Lack of Upward Mobility Can Shorten Black Men's Lives. www.futurity.org
July 27, 2021
  ▹ Across The Board – Household Giving Continues To Plunge. www.thenonprofittimes.com
  ▹ Study links low upward mobility to early mortality. www.news.yale.edu
July 12, 2021
  ▹ How science overlooks Asian Americans. www.sciencenews.org
July 6, 2021
  ▹ Research shows labor unions help lower the risk of poverty. www.theconversation.com
June 17, 2021
  ▹ What research says about two-parent families keeping kids out of jail and in school. www.deseret.com
June 10, 2021
  ▹ Long shadows: The Black-white gap in multigenerational poverty. www.brookings.edu
June 2, 2021
  ▹ New study explores link between economic shock and physical inactivity. www.eurekalert.org
  ▹ Study examines how job losses during the Great Recession affected physical activity of young adults. www.news-medical.net
April 30, 2021
  ▹ What Happens When Opinion Polls Move Online. www.wsj.com
April 8, 2021
  ▹ Class Notes: College readiness, disability insurance, and more. www.brookings.edu
March 30, 2021
  ▹ Measuring racism and discrimination in economic data. www.brookings.edu
March 25, 2021
  ▹ Homeownership Builds Wealth for Communities of Color, Says Harvard Study. www.citywatchla.com
March 24, 2021
  ▹ Casual sex was dying out before the pandemic. www.lfpress.com
  ▹ Study: Casual sex has declined for both young men and women. www.news-medical.net
  ▹ Why casual sex is declining among young adults, according to scientists. www.sports.yahoo.com
March 23, 2021
  ▹ Why are young adults having less casual sex? www.eurekalert.org
March 9, 2021
  ▹ Deaths in the family can affect the educational attainment of children. www.techexplorist.com
March 8, 2021
  ▹ Deaths in the family can shape kids' educational attainment in unexpected ways. www.news.psu.edu
February 12, 2021
  ▹ City to reallocate funds for first-generation homebuyers. wwwdailyfreepress.com
January 25, 2021
  ▹ Opinion: Taxation for the purpose of redistribution is just. www.highschool.latimes.com
January 22, 2021
  ▹ The ReproducibilityChallenge With Economic Data. www.bbntimes.com
January 13, 2021
  ▹ Class Notes: Merit-based aid, rebuilding a divided America, and more. www.brookings.edu
January 4, 2021
  ▹ Frequent police stops, parental incarceration and mental health: Results among US non-hispanic black and white adolescent girls and boys. www.mdlinx.com
December 30, 2020
  ▹ Overwork and Exploitation Linked to Psychological Distress. www.madinamerica.com
December 18, 2020
  ▹ Am I Lowballing Upward Mobility? www.nationalreview.com
December 16, 2020
  ▹ What happens when black Americans leave their segregated hometowns. www.chicago.suntimes.com
December 10, 2020
  ▹ Talking Headways Podcast: Location Does Matter. www.usa.streetsblog.org
December 1, 2020
  ▹ Is Marriage Good for Your Health? www.psychologytoday.com
November 23, 2020
  ▹ Work-Limiting Disability and Intergenerational Economic Mobility. www.docwirenews.com
November 11, 2020
  ▹ Losing the American Dream. www.eurekalert.org
November 6, 2020
  ▹ Contributions of obesity and cigarette smoking to incident disability: A longitudinal analysis. www.mdlinx.com
November 4, 2020
  ▹ Class Notes: Parenthood and the gender pay gap, incarceration’s wealth effect, and more. www.brookings.edu
September 9, 2020
  ▹ Tapped Out? Racial Disparities in Extrahousehold Kin Resources and the Loss of Homeownership. www.docwirenews.com
September 2, 2020
  ▹ Obesity, smoking, physical labor may explain disability disparities in U.S. study. www.xinhuanet.com
August 31, 2020
  ▹ Disability disparities may be explained by obesity, smoking, physical labor. www.medicalxpress.com
August 20, 2020
  ▹ Some Reasons for Optimism Regarding the “Hollowing Out” of America’s Middle Class. www.cato.org
August 17, 2020
  ▹ On the Frontlines of Protest, Generation Z Has Perspectives Worth Understanding: A Letter From One Willing to Take Risks. www.perishablenews.com
August 10, 2020
  ▹ Squeezing the middle class: Income trajectories from 1967 to 2016. www.brookings.edu
July 23, 2020
  ▹ 10 myths about the racial wealth gap. www.axios.com
July 17, 2020
  ▹ Instagram Is Affecting Your Bank Account (And Here’s How To Regain Control). www.forbes.com
July 15, 2020
  ▹ Occupational Asthma Triggers and the Risk for New, Exacerbated Asthma. www.pulmonologyadvisor.com
July 14, 2020
  ▹ The myth of closing the racial wealth gap through "stronger families". www.axios.com
July 13, 2020
  ▹ For every COVID-19 death, 9 close family members are left to grieve. www.eurekalert.org
  ▹ More than 1.2 million Americans have lost a close family member to COVID-19. www.news.usc.edu
July 9, 2020
  ▹ The Myth of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap by Being "Model Minorities". www.axios.com
July 7, 2020
  ▹ Rich Folks Aren't That Stingy After All. www.menafn.com
  ▹ The Myth of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Financial Literacy. www.axios.com
July 6, 2020
  ▹ The Myth of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Increased Savings. www.axios.com
July 1, 2020
  ▹ The Myth of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Black-Owned Banks. www.axios.com
June 30, 2020
  ▹ Education and the Dynamics of Middle-Class Status. www.brookings.edu
June 26, 2020
  ▹ 5 Big Ideas to Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap. www.forbes.com
June 9, 2020
  ▹ An Unequal Workplace for Black Americans. www.axios.com
May 28, 2020
  ▹ Divorce Seen as Heavy Contributor to Early 401(k) Withdrawals. www.napa-net.org
May 26, 2020
  ▹ How do children spend their time? Time use and skill development in the PSID. www.federalreserve.gov
May 22, 2020
  ▹ Are Black Workers Losing Ground? Trends in Pay and Work. www.economics21.org
  ▹ What Surveys Have Told Us About U.S. Social Mobility. www.sciencemag.org
May 21, 2020
  ▹ Charitable giving: Are the rich really stingier than the rest of us? www.generocity.org
May 20, 2020
  ▹ Divorce, Job Loss Drive Early Withdrawal from 401ks. www.401kspecialistmag.com
  ▹ Populism 101: How to Turn the Myth of American Economic Stagnation into Reality. www.aei.org
May 18, 2020
  ▹ The American Dream Is Alive and Well. www.nytimes.com
May 17, 2020
  ▹ Rushing to Reopen the Country Will Force Essential Workers to Make a Terrible Choice: Go Broke or Get Sick. www.businessinsider.com
May 9, 2020
  ▹ Rich Folks Aren't That Stingy After All. www.econotimes.com
April 9, 2020
  ▹ Husbands’ Distress Levels Increase Sharply After Wives Start Earning More Than 40 Percent of Household Income. www.psypost.org
March 24, 2020
  ▹ Teen Bullying Harm Can Linger For Years. www.futurity.org
March 23, 2020
  ▹ Teens who are bullied struggle with long-term mental health issues. www.news.umich.edu
February 20, 2020
  ▹ Long-Term Care Costs. www.americanactionforum.org
January 31, 2020
  ▹ The American Dream Is Alive and Well. www.wsj.com
January 24, 2020
  ▹ Teen Boys and Girls Now Do Equal Amounts of Housework. www.futurity.org
January 22, 2020
  ▹ Opinion: Here's Some Good News for Parents Struggling to Save Enough for Retirement. www.msn.com
January 21, 2020
  ▹ Research Shows That Spending Money Makes People Happier Than Making Money. www.forbes.com
January 15, 2020
  ▹ Why single-parent homes don't affect black children as negatively as white kids. www.news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2020/01/why-single-parent-homes-affect-children-diff
January 14, 2020
  ▹ Automation, Labor Market Institutions, and the Middle Class. www.brookings.edufront
  ▹ Organized Labor and the Employment Trajectories of Workers in Routine Jobs: Evidence from US Panel Data. www.brookings.edu
January 6, 2020
  ▹ Can treating poverty change a child’s brain? www.macleans.ca
January 4, 2020
  ▹ Study Shows That Black People in Milwaukee More Likely To Prosper If They Move To A Less Segregated City. www.milwaukeeindependent.com/syndicated/study-shows-black-peop
January 3, 2020
  ▹ Indiana University study analyzes Great Recession impact on giving. www.fwbusiness.com/fwbusiness/article_bb37934a-e2ae-5feb-8d91-45e01c45c187.html
December 28, 2019
  ▹ Esther Cepeda: Legend of the family dinner. www.journalstar.com/opinion/columnists/esther-cepeda-legend-of-the-family-dinner/article_4b9654ca-eb3d-5da7-abc7-ae0f06679f7
December 13, 2019
  ▹ What happens when black Americans leave their segregated hometowns. www.chicagoreporter.com/what-happens-when-black-americans-leave-their-segregated-hometowns
December 9, 2019
  ▹ The Myth of the Two-Parent Home. www.nytimes.com
December 7, 2019
  ▹ Americans abandoning faith linked to drop in charitible giving, analysis finds. www.christianpost.com
  ▹ Fewer Americans are donating to charity--and it may have nothing to do with money. www.marketwatch.com
December 4, 2019
  ▹ Study: Fewer Americans are Donating to Charity Because They Don't Go to Church. www1.cbn.com
November 18, 2019
  ▹ Job losses during the Great Recession may be responsible for decline in US birth rates. www.phys.org/news
October 31, 2019
  ▹ The Viability of “Baby Bonds” on the Road to Reparations. www.brownpoliticalreview.org/2019/10/the-viability-of-baby-bonds-on-the-road-to-reparations
October 29, 2019
  ▹ How married men and women in the US use their time has changed over the years. www.blogs.lse.ac.uk
October 28, 2019
  ▹ Charitable giving rates still haven't recovered from the Great Recession. www.foxbusiness.com
October 25, 2019
  ▹ Baby Love: How Birth Order Affects Our Parenting. www.portisabelsouthpadre.com
October 23, 2019
  ▹ Study: Continued Attrition In Giving. www.thenonprofittimes.com
October 17, 2019
  ▹ Report Shows Economic Gap and Racial Inequality Persist. www.diverseeducation.com/article/157673
October 15, 2019
  ▹ How the Gig Economy Fails Senior Workers Facing Retirement. www.reversemortgagedaily.com
October 7, 2019
  ▹ New study finds social media can positively impact mental health. www.candgnews.com
October 4, 2019
  ▹ The Long-term Social Value of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factors. www.ajmc.com
October 3, 2019
  ▹ The Middle-Class Crunch: A Look at 4 Family Budgets. www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/03/your-money/middle-class-income.html
September 21, 2019
  ▹ The Gender Lens: Dear. www.in.news.yahoo.com
September 10, 2019
  ▹ New study finds social media can positively impact mental health. www.candgnews.com
September 1, 2019
  ▹ Eight Myths of US Philanthropy. www.ssir.org
August 30, 2019
  ▹ Hurricaines can increase inequality in the US - but not in the way you think. www.citymetric.com
August 29, 2019
  ▹ The numbers show that marriage does make men fatter. www.iol.co.za
August 17, 2019
  ▹ Social network sites and effects on mental health in adults. www.medicalnewsbulletin.com
August 16, 2019
  ▹ Immigrants Contribute Greatly to U.S. Economy, Despite Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule Rational. www.yubanet.com
August 15, 2019
  ▹ The unexpected consequences of adult children receiving financial aid from their parents. www.theladders.com
August 8, 2019
  ▹ When it comes to the wealth gap, race and family matter. www.marketplace.org/2019/08/08/when-it-comes-to-the-wealth-gap-race-and-family-matter
August 6, 2019
  ▹ Remember The 47 Percent Who Pay No Income Taxes? They Are Not Who You Think. www.forbes.com/sites/howardgleckman/2019/08/06/remember-the-47-percent-who-pay-no-income-ta
August 5, 2019
  ▹ Uncovering the Dynamics of the Racial Wealth Gap: One Black Woman’s Story. www.nonprofitquarterly.org
July 31, 2019
  ▹ American Wealth is Broken. www.theatlantic.com
July 15, 2019
  ▹ Debunking Income-Inequality Research – OpEd. www.eurasiareview.com
July 14, 2019
  ▹ New study of 26,000 people disputes years of studies linking Facebook and depression. www.marketwatch.com
July 12, 2019
  ▹ The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health. www.managedhealthcareexecutive.com
July 10, 2019
  ▹ New Research Claims that Facebook Plays a Significant part in Improving the Mental Health of Adults! www.digitalinformationworld.com
July 9, 2019
  ▹ Facebook Could Be Good for Your Mental Health — Yes, Really. www.sheknows.com
  ▹ Nice guys may win after all with higher levels of relationship satisfaction. www.earth.com
  ▹ Parents who help unemployed adult children curb behavior to offset costs. www.eurekalert.org
  ▹ Social Media Benefits: Facebook Could Reduce Depression, Anxiety Risks In Adults. www.medicaldaily.com
July 8, 2019
  ▹ Nice guys actually DON'T finish last! Finding a kind partner is more important than compatibility, study claims (so are dating apps a waste of time?). www.dailymail.co.
  ▹ Social media may help with mental health in older adults. www.tophealthjournal.com
July 7, 2019
  ▹ Facebook may actually benefit adult mental health. www.medicalnewstoday.com
July 1, 2019
  ▹ Facebook Likely To Positively Impact Mental Health In Adults. www.londondailytelescope.com
June 29, 2019
  ▹ Social Media May Improve Mental. www.psychcentral.com
June 28, 2019
  ▹ Social Media May Improve Mental Health, Reduce Depression Risk: Finds Study; 5 Tips To Reduce Depression Naturally. www.ndtv.com
  ▹ Using Social Networking Sites May Help Avoid Psychological Distress, Improve Mental Health. www.marketresearchtime.com
June 27, 2019
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February 27, 2019
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February 25, 2019
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February 21, 2019
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February 20, 2019
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December 22, 2017
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